Power Quality

System analysis and evaluation of power issues to provide solution recommendations for the best possible performance from your existing power system. P3 experts recognize systems that have power quality problems, classify power quality events, explain the proper application and interpret results, and recommend viable solutions.

Power Quality Study

P3’s system analysis and evaluation of power quality issues allow us to provide solution recommendations for the best possible performance from your existing power system. This ability to quickly identify and remedy power quality problems will help ensure metering accuracy, lengthen the life of electrical equipment and improve power system availability. P3’s experts work with utilities, industrial & manufacturing plants, government and commercial facilities. Our technicians are qualified to analyze electrical systems in any type of facility, utilizing IEEE standards & the NFPA 70E safety standard.

Factory Start Up/Commissioning

P3’s qualified engineering technicians perform on-site data collection on facility electrical equipment. P3’s trusted advisors guide all stages of the project, including the scope, schedule, risk analysis, communication plan and change order process. Poor power quality such as harmonic distortion low power factor, and the presence of other transients increase stress on facility electrical systems and can cause severe damage to equipment. Over time this increased electrical stress will shorten the life expectancy of electrical equipment and can cause nuisance tripping and unplanned shutdowns.

Equipment Upgrades

P3 has high-quality products, services, and software for critical facility management. P3 helps you avoid costly overruns while saving time and money, our priority is to work with you on meeting power quality needs. P3 has experience in both new construction and retrofit installations and can help you select and install the correct solutions.

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