P3 has service plans that are customized and flexible to offer hassle-free system maintenance to improve uptime at a predictable cost. P3 offers full-service packages that include technical support, preventive maintenance, quick on-site response, and remote monitoring.

Maintenance Contracts

P3’s comprehensive services portfolio ensures that your mission-critical applications receive the proper care and maintenance needed to operate at optimal levels – at all times. These services prevent unnecessary downtime and optimize facility operations.

Software and

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is a cloud-enabled remote monitoring services which can monitor, troubleshoot and track site problems in a timely and efficient manner.  This solution is perfect for those that want to proactively minimize downtime and reduce break-fix resolution time through smart alarming, remote troubleshooting and visibility include your equipment lifecycle.

Battery Replacement

This service provides an easy order, on site battery replacement solution that ensures the correct battery type and quantity have been ordered, a certified service professional is available to replace them, and removal of the old batteries to an approved recycling center for disposal.  This solution is perfect for those not wanting the hassle of replacing their own batteries and provides peace of mine knowing that their batteries are safely replaced in there critical system.


The revitalization service provides a comprehensive on-site UPS refresh service including replacement and upgrade of aging critical UPS components, certified professional on-site to perform all work, and disposal of the replaced parts.  A revitalization is the perfect solution for those who want to extend the useful life of their UPS system.

Service Contract Specials

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